Taste Trenton

A 'small plate' restaurant crawl of Trenton Restaurants


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tccalogoTaste Trenton is an initiative of the Trenton Council of Civic Associations (TCCA), a non-profit coalition of civic associations throughout Trenton, New Jersey. The TCCA has been serving the Trenton area for 45 years in various forms and through numerous activities. For more information on the TCCA, or to join, please visit TCCATrenton.org.

The Executive Board of the TCCA sponsors this restaurant crawl event through Chambersburg and Downtown Trenton called “Taste Trenton” to provide needed exposure for the new restaurant offerings in the area, help increase tourism to the City, and rebrand the public image of the ‘burg and central business area. Our goal that this event will attract 500 and 1000 people into Trenton, which will benefit not only the restaurants, but all of the businesses and organizations nearby.

Most of all, we expect our visitors to be delighted by the range of cuisines and great food available in Trenton and this will inspire them to return with their friends again and again!


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